My Everlasting: Performances 2015

After a number of very successful performances in 2014, My Everlasting can still be seen in various festivals and cities across Europe throughout 2015.  These performances include the Oldenburger Tanztage in Oldenburg Germany in April 2015 and the inaugural Colours International Dance Festival in Stuttgart in July 2015.

Keep posted here for more information and any additional performance dates.


photo: Thomas Ammerpohl

My Everlasting (2014)

‘In My Everlasting Shropshire surpasses himself with a naked, confrontational and touching duet, accompanied by the breath of silence, of trial and error.’ – Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant February 2014

In his work Les lieux des memoires, French historian Pierre Nora (1989) has suggested that history and memory have become antithetical and that their separation has necessitated the establishing of memory sites wherein a residual sense of continuity might remain. Nora proposes that these sites of memory are vestiges for the embodiment of a collective consciousness; that they are ruins, where memory takes root in the concrete – in the material, the symbolic, and the functional – and arms itself for the battle against time. My Everlasting exists in that space between history and memory – embodying it – moving among its shadows and wrestling with its ephemerality. The work was created as testament, as a kind of lieu de memoire for a nation of two, bound together against the ever-accelerating besiegement of history. As a memory that is ever slipping into the historical past, My Everlasting is a work to block the act of forgetting – one that might liberate the past from the endless loop of history’s rapid undoing.

Choreography: Stephen Shropshire
Dancers: Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Nousiainen
Music: Dakota Suite
Lighting Design: Otto Eggersgluss
Costumes: Natasja Lansen

My Everlasting was made possible in part by the support from the Holland Dance Festival, Rimbun Dahan Contemporary Arts Center, Centre National de la Danse Paris (CND), Euregionaal Dansplatform Theater aan het Vrijthof, Project Sally Maastricht, and Noord Nederlandse Dans


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