Choreography: Stephen Shropshire

Research Assistant: Christine Ceconello

Rehearsal Assistant: Milton Paulo Coatti Filho (SPCD)

Dancers (original cast): Alan Marques, Ana Roberta Teixeira, Carolina Pegurelli, Hiago Castro,  Poliana Souza, Vinicius Vieira Veiga, Mateus Rocha and Yoshi Suzuki (SPCD)

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Production design: Stephen Shropshire

Foto: Charles Lima

Created for the São Paulo Dance Company in 2020, Rococo Variations is the first in a series of choreographic works re-examining my relationship to ballet vocabulary. For this reason, it is fundamentally concerned with the attributes that I most connect to in dance: technical proficiency, compositional structure and musicality. The choreography is a dialogue with Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme, written in the late nineteenth century for and in collaboration with, German cellist Wilhelm Fitzenhagen. 

Foto: Charles Lima

The choreography was created online during Covid-19 pandemic. A year ago, creating online would have seemed absurd, but the pandemic has forced new ways of communication and creation. It has also reinforced–at least for me–the value of dancing itself.  Because of that, Rococo Variations is meant as a celebration of dance, a reference to the playful combination of naturalness and ornament and the prioritization of exuberance that characterized the Rococo period.

Rococo Variations is made possible by Fast Forward program of Performing Arts Fund NL and the Pro-Dance Association / São Paulo Dance Company.