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Stephen Shropshire is a graduate the Juilliard School in New York City and holds an MA in arts and heritage from the University of Maastricht. As an internationally recognized choreographer, he has created works for a.o. Danish Dance Theater, National Dance Company of Wales, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Ballet Augsburg, Iceland Dance Company, and the New Zealand Dance Company. In 2003 his work The Piper’s Progress was awarded the Grand Prize and the Public’s Prize at the 8th international choreographic competition ‘Tendances’ in Luxembourg. In 2008, his work Sugarwater was named one of the top ten dance triumphs of the year by the London Telegraph. Between 2009 and 2012, Shropshire was artistic director of Noord Nederlandse Dans in Groningen.  During that time, he cultivated a significant body of work, collaborated with international artists, poets and musicians (including the American poet Derrick C. Brown, Dutch songstress Nynke Laverman, and American musicians Emily Wells and Timmy Straw), and codified a signature movement vocabulary characterized by its athleticism, expressivity, and distinct musicality. Since the closing of Noord Nederlandse Dans in 2012, Shropshire has continued to work internationally as a freelance choreographer, as well as to develop projects independently with festivals and theaters throughout Europe.


The Shropshire Foundation was established in early 2016 to help facilitate the ongoing development and presentation of Stephen Shropshire’s choreographic work. The foundation supports the creation of dance performances, collaborations with artists and/or organizations within dance or dance related fields, and the continued research within, and/or in relation to, the fields of dance and choreography.

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