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Review ‘We Are Nowhere Else But Here’ NRC

Het zijn de mooiste momenten in een festival: ineens is daar het pareltje. Vaak onverwacht. In de achttiende editie van CaDance, het Haagse festival voor hedendaagse dans van Nederlandse bodem, is dat We Are Nowhere Else But Here van Stephen Shropshire. Een ontroerend duet over verbondenheid, op pianomuziek van Schubert en Beethoven die romantisch door …


We Are Nowhere Else But Here (2017)

We Are Nowhere Else But Here, Kasia Pol, 2016

Production: Stephen Shropshire / Korzo producties with addition support from Posthof Theater Linz and Project Sally Maastricht

Premiere: February 2, 2017 Korzo Theater, The Hague NL

Dancers: Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Nousiainen

Production design: Stephen Shropshire

Lighting Design: Xavier van Wersch

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert

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My Everlasting (2014)


Production: Stephen Shropshire / Holland Dance Festival with addition support from Rimbun Dahan Contemporary Arts Center, Centre National de la Danse Paris (CND), Euregionaal Dansplatform Theater aan het Vrijthof, Project Sally Maastricht, and Noord Nederlandse Dans

Premiere: February 4, 2014 Korzo Theater, The Hague NL

Dancers: Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Nousiainen

Costume design: Natasja Lansen

Lighting Design: Otto Eggersgluss

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Choreographer Stephen Shropshire is interested in the transformation of technique, musicality, and craft, towards a meaningful reflection of the human experience. As a contemporary dance maker, he is dedicated to actively engaging in the cultural discourse on dance through the continued exploration of choreographic work that challenges aesthetic, structural, and narrative assumptions and responds to the broader socio-political themes that are relevant to our time.
  • Holds a BFA in dance from the Juilliard School and an MA in arts and heritage from the University of Maastricht.
  • In recent years has created works for a.o. the New Zealand Dance Company, the National Dance Company of Wales, Ballet Augsburg, and the Danish Dance Theater.
  • Artistic director of Noord Nederlandse Dans from 2009 to 2012
  • Works have been performed in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus, France, Finland, Israel, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.