‘Stephen Shropshire heeft zichzelf overtroffen […] Dit is een juweeltje, alert gedanst en geacteerd.’ (de Volkskrant★★★★★)

‘Brilliant. Disturbing, but brilliant’ (artstalkmagazine.nl)

‘In We Are Nowhere Else But Here wordt een meerduidige werkelijkheid opgeroepen en dat maakt het net zo’n intrigerende als indringende voorstelling.’ (theaterkrant.nl★★★★)

‘ineens is daar het pareltje’ (NRC Handelsblad)


Production: Stephen Shropshire / Korzo producties 

Premiere: February 2, 2017 Korzo Theater, The Hague NL

Dancers: Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Nousiainen

Production design: Stephen Shropshire

Lighting Design: Xavier van Wersch

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert


In a 1998 interview addressing the legacy of his book Orientalism, (Vintage, 1979), literary critic and social activist Edward Said argued that coexistence would remain the greatest challenge of the twenty-first century (1998, 2008 MEF). Twenty years later, Said’s foresight has proven well founded. Not least because the challenges related to coexistence – now vast and complex – are rooted in our most intimate encounters; buried in the density of the human knot.

In light of the tenuous condition of world affairs, wherein coexistence is continually threatened by an ongoing state of social and political emergency, We are Nowhere Else But Here is intended to illuminate the very private and sometimes painful efforts that are made to achieve it. As Edward Said has suggested, we all carry an infinite of traces, and our great task is the ‘task of interpretation’ – to move beyond the generalization and begin to understand the other in relation to ourselves.